What is robotics club about?

This club is about being part of a team, and putting all of our mechanical minds and unique skill sets together to design a self-driving Power Wheels jeep. This year we are competing in the SquareOne autonomous Power Wheels competition. The goal of the autonomous competition is to make a self-driving vehicle that can make its way through an obstacle course. 

What will you learn?

During this season you'll have opportunities to learn about basic electricity concepts, programming an Arduino Uno, or how to use some basic shop tools. 

When are the Meetings?

The club meetings will happen every Tuesday and every other Wednesday from 3-4p. The meetings are pretty laid back, so if you can't make a day its fine just let us know. 

How to join?

If you are interested in joining, it's as simple as emailing one of the leaders and asking to join! We have a group chat on an app called GroupMe; if you email one of the leaders, they can add you to the chat using your phone number or email.

Student Leaders

Terry McDonald

Ashwin Kumar

Faculty Advisers

Dan Meyers

Kyle Larner

Robotics/Autonomous Vehicle